Saturday, May 10, 2014

Salt Lake Adventure

 Daddy had a conference in Salt Lake City so we decided to all tag along and take a little adventure.  We went to the Discovery Gateway center, the "Space Place", Temple Square and just had a ton of fun.  Here the kids are walking on mars.
 Look!  Now they're on the moon (pose and all).  It really is so fun to tag around with them in fun new places.  I only hate that Daddy misses so much of it.
Temple square was definitely our favorite.  We could hang out there all day (and pretty much did).

One thing we did was to see a light show at the Space Place.  It was a U-2 light show and man did it make Mommy feel sick.  The kids thought it was awesome with all the lasers and things but Mommy and Leisl had to leave, too much motion for my eyes to handle!  

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Silly At-Home Friends

 These two little friends have turned into little buddies.  They do everything together and really enjoy playing the same things and being 'twinners'.  If Darla has a baby, Leisl has to have a baby, if Darla wears blue, so does Leisl.  They are so fun to watch and since Leisl is tall and Darla is short, they get confused for twins a lot.
Brigham is also enjoying being at home still.  I'm sure he'd rather be at school and asks all the time if it's time for Kindergarten, but I'm so glad he's here to help me with the girls and be my little buddy.  I love his dimples and his sweet freckled face and the way that he still wants me to hold his hand.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Conference Time

We love General Conference!
 This time instead of setting up the tent in the living room we just built a cool sheet fort.  The kids were *mostly* still while we watched and worked on packets.
 One of our favorite traditions!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Mommy and Aunt Jeri are in charge of Camp Invention this year.  It's going to be a wild adventure, but the first task is delivering flyers to all the elementary schools in the district.  This means we have to sort them into piles and label them for each teacher at each school.
 This time around we ended up with a LOT of extra flyers somehow.  Mommy decided that they would make really good snowballs so we wadded them up and threw them at each other for a while.  Then we buried ourselves with them.
 Paper is such a fun thing!!!  When it was all over we were sad to throw away our "snow" but we had so much fun, we might just need to do it again sometime.
Silly play like this brings out the best in people like Mommy and Kabe :)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Random March

 These two got caught "coloring" in bed.  It's amazing how much Darla reminds me of Ksenya at this age.  They not only look a lot alike but they also act so much alike, little Mother's trying to take care of (and boss) everyone around them.  They are both good helpers and quite dramatic.
 Ayvri is still a silly bean with a little wild streak.  She has such a wonky smile as she loses her teeth and is always having fun.
 The boys were having a serious moment (rare) and I had to capture it.  They tend to enjoy one another most of the time, usually when Kabe decides that Brigham is big enough to be a buddy.
 We had a fun primary activity and these cute ladies are our favorite primary 'bosses'.  They did such a good job and the kids had a blast learning about the Articles of Faith.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Birthday Mess

Can't believe it's this baby's birthday already.  The terrific 2's are upon us and she is just the funniest thing.  
 She wasn't sure what to do with the cupcake since cake really isn't part of her diet.  It didn't take much encouraging though for the big kids to get her excited about what was to follow.
 See?  Still a little nervous that she's gonna get stopped.  Thank heaven's for gluten free flour.
 Yep - she enjoys being a mess.  
 Her poor face still breaks out quite frequently with trace exposure to wheat and most of the time she has little chapped cheeks no matter how careful we are to avoid anything processed.
She is a mess and loves being wild.  She makes us all laugh and is a big tease.  She is massively spoiled which I guess is unavoidable in the last-born.  How we love our little Meera Mess!!!

Monday, March 10, 2014


Mommy decided it was time to learn how to play the guitar and started lessons with Uncle Heath.  We also thought it might be nice to learn on a student guitar instead of Grandpa Oveson's (I was scared I'd damage it).  After a while I realized that Grandpa's guitar is MUCH easier to play than the student version, but look who likes to play with it???
 Both the big kids wanted to try and they were so cute holding it I just had to take pictures.  Daddy is a very patient teacher.  We shall see how long this interest lasts.